The Influencer Marketing is the new frontier of online marketing.
Modern testimonial able to determine purchasing choices and habits of millions of people, through an image, a video or a simple text content.
We believe that you tell us your story must first believe it, it's close and feel the brand is talking about.
We believe there is not effective without well-defined criteria of both the selection is tracking the performance generated.
For this reason, our mission is to offer a strategic and analytical approach, as well as creative, through the support of technology and human capacity to identify the best way to tell a story.

What we do

We are a digital agency tech soul, who has chosen to position itself vertically on the dynamic world of 'Influencer Marketing, through a mix of strategic scope and marketing skills and the support of a technology last generation.

Brand Awareness
Social Intelligence
Product Placement
Digital PR

We are IDA

A team of 15 skilled people were born and raised in the digital age, and we live on our skin changes and the evolution of technology. Communicate and express values in a credible and through the right people is the thing we do best. We can do this for you.